La Madeleine French Bakery – Dunwoody



Food – I really wasn’t expecting this to be authentic French. I thought it would be another Americanized version of international cuisine. Boy was I wrong. I got the Croque Monsieur. It looked and tasted exactly like the Croque Monsieur my friend from France makes. I was blown away. I have to give them the highest marks possible for delivering such authentic and tasty French sandwiches. I can’t wait to see if the other items live up to my first experience as well. I also got chips with my meal which I thought would be just some Lays chips in a bag. Wrong again. Warm and amazingly seasoned. They were truly one of a kind. I couldn’t put my finger on the seasoning. At first I thought it was Rosemary but am sure it is not. Whatever it was it was great. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – Very nice on the inside. Fake brick walls and hardwood floors. Everything is new and clean. It was quite nice and relaxing. It was truly a great lunch spot. Ambiance gets an A


Service – You order at the counter here. The people behind the counter was all smiles and extremely nice. I’m talking nice enough I feel like I could have slapped them across the face, called them some bad names, and still have them smiling and polite at the end. It was truly surprising how helpful and great they were. Service gets an A


Price/Quality – The quality was very good and the price (I paid $9) was average. It’s just about the same as any other French bakery around the area. Price/Quality gets a B


Uniqueness – To me there wasn’t a ton of difference between this place and Alon’s. Different Ambiance and food but overall both resemble each other in many ways. If it come down to it I’d pick whichever was closer. However, when you are talking about bakery/sandwich shops, this one does shine through. Uniqueness gets a B-

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