Canton House



Food – Well I heard that this place had the best Dim Sum in Atlanta which convinced me to come in. However, I didn’t order any Dum Sum. I just ordered traditional Chinese with beef and abalone mushrooms. Ridiculous. I mean the food was ridiculously amazing. I swear the mushrooms was picked from a garden out back and the beef was so tender it would melt in your mouth. I have never had such fresh Chinese in Atlanta. I can’t wait to go back and try other things they have. I highly recommend this place. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – This place looks nice from the outside and when you walk in you are blown away by such a beautiful entrance and a colossal chandelier in the lobby. Then they take you into the dining room where everything is great (even if slightly outdated), except for the tables and chairs. The tables and chairs are banquet style. You know the chairs with the rough metal frame and thin cushioning and the round tables with one white table cloth over it. The ambiance would be perfect if the tables and chairs weren’t so cheap looking or if they didn’t bring back the memory of terrible business luncheons where you hear a long winded speaker drone on and on. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – Well it was late at night on a weekday so there was only one other table other than ourselves here. So, the server was very friendly and fast which is to be expected with no one else around. The server was great so no complaints. Service gets a B


Price/Quality – If you ever go to NY or LA and visit a great Chinese restaurant that employs great chefs and uses only high quality fresh ingredients, you know you will pay $20+ for that plate. I feel like I got the same quality of food here for only $13. An incredible bargin. Price/Quality gets an A


Uniqueness – Well every other Chinese restaurant I have visited in Atlanta doesn’t serve food that can touch the quality of Canton House. For the food alone this place is truly unique to Atlanta. I also think they have the best price to quality of any Chinese restaurant in Atlanta as well. It was unique enough that I will make many trips back in the future. Uniqueness gets an A

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