Tin Lizzy’s Cantina – Buckhead



Food – While dining here I had fried pickles as an appetizer, three tacos and my date had the quesadilla. I chose a taco from the seafood side, one from the chicken side, and one from the steak side. I loved the buffalo shrimp taco. It was magnificent. One of the top 10 best specialty tacos I have had. Obviously from the name of my blog you can be assured I have had enough tacos to make that impressive. The chicken taco and steak I ordered were good as well. I would put them slightly above average. My date’s quesadilla was excellently made. Stuffed full of ingredients and held together well. Overall everything was really good and I would put it a slight step above other specialty taco places like Twisted Taco. Food gets a B+


Ambiance – I dined on the outdoor patio here. It was really nice out there. The inside seemed to be overcrowded but the patio was perfect. My only complaint was that they were having trivia that night and they had cranked up the speakers so loud, we had to shout to talk. I could understand that if we were inside but on the far side of the patio against the rail, we should be able to talk without shouting. That put a slight damper on our evening. They have to realize even though it may be trivia night, not everyone comes that night for trivia. Ambiance gets a C+


Service – Service was average here. No complaints but no real praises either. Our server was friendly, timely, and on point with everything. Service gets a B+


Price/Quality – Now I really did enjoy my tacos more than other places but the average taco was over $3. So three tacos here will cost you around $10. Other specialty taco places usually have the option of picking a set number of tacos and then you get a traditional side like black beans or something of the sort for around $7. I just didn’t think the quality was good enough here to justify paying more money for less food. Price/Quality gets a C-


Uniqueness – This place is obviously its own concept but no real distinguishing features from a Taco Mac or Twisted Taco. Food is a little better and all the restaurants are in tip top shape and clean, but just not enough of a difference to choose this place over one that may be closer to me. Uniqueness gets a C

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