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Food – I was so excited to go eat here. The menu looked absolutely incredible. It was completely unique and showed that people here really care about what makes it to the table. However, my experience did not meet my expectations. I had the Chargrilled Moroccan Jerk Chicken. The problem was that the chicken was cooked past chargrilled and was boarding on burnt. It just seemed it was cooked too long and too high of heat to get a nice char on it. Along with that, it also was a little dry, most likely because of how it was cooked. The ciabatta roll also went past toasted and was burnt around the edges. It was just not enjoyable as I had hoped. Food gets a D


Ambiance – I actually really loved the look of this café. It had an old world ambiance to it. The owners here really paid attention to detail. They had many wine bottles lining the walls which I thought was really neat. Everything was coordinated including what the waiters were wearing. It looked great but still seemed to lack a comfortable dining experience. The hard wood chair was not extremely comfortable and mine was very wobbly. A small thing, but one that takes away from the experience none the less. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – The server was very friendly. I was pleased with how enthusiastic he was about the menu and the restaurant in general. It always helps when your server enjoys what they do, and it shows as well. We did come in for lunch in between meetings we had. While we weren’t in a rush we certainly were not looking to hang out so it was a bit detrimental that service was slower than normal. I get the feel that this restaurant is more relaxed and meant to be a little slower than a bar or some place like that. However, it did not work into my schedule very well. Service gets a B+


Price/Quality – My sandwich cost $9. A worthy price for how creative and unique of a sandwich it seemed, but since delivery of the quality I expected was way off, I can no longer justify that price. I did not enjoy my meal and it just wasn’t worth the money. Price/quality gets a C


Uniqueness – I do have to hand it to this restaurant, their menu was incredibly unique. It was the whole reason I visited here. I still think they have the ability to deliver a completely unique experience. I am hoping my dish was just a one off and perhaps one day I can give them another chance. On that hope and on the unique menu they offer, I am giving a high grade. Uniqueness gets an A-

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