Food – They only had four specialty rolls here. Only 4! Everything else was very basic. Most of your choices was between items like the eel roll, the salmon roll, the scallop roll, etc. They rolls were well made and they tasted good but you can get those rolls anywhere and with so many restaurant offering $1 sushi specials, why would anyone go here and pay $6 for a simple roll? It was good but just not anything special which made it a huge disappointment. Food gets a C-


Ambiance – It was a very romantic restaurant. It was well made on the inside. Everything was excellent from the candle lit tables to the decorations. The sushi bar was very nice as well. Marble counter tops and you could also watch the chefs make the sushi. It was very nice. Ambiance gets a B+


Service – The waitress didn’t seem to be very friendly at all or helpful with our questions. She also didn’t seem to speak English well at all. Not that I expect perfect English but enough to put a complete sentence together should be standard to deal with customers.  She barely said more than a few words the whole night. Service gets a C-


Price/quality – Average sushi rolls that I can find in many other restaurants at a much lower cost. Quality was ok but just wasn’t worth the price because of how basic all the rolls were. I would suggest going somewhere else and you can get the exact same sushi at a much better experience.  Price/quality gets a D


Uniqueness – The ambiance was nice but nothing else was really unique here, especially the menu where there was nothing inventive at all. I just would not return here because there is little unique about it. Uniqueness gets a D

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