P.F. Changs – Dunwoody



Food – Overall, I wasn’t a huge fan of the food here. I feel the food here was quite plain. Chicken was not tender or juicy and was quite under seasoned. It just tasted like plain chicken with a little bit of sauce on it. Everything else followed suit. Nothing memorable at all and no dishes unique to this place. I did have the hot and sour soup which was incredible. It was well above average. We also had chocolate cake for dessert. Not that I was expecting chocolate cake at P.F. Changs to be incredible but it didn’t even meet my low expectations. Think of the premade cakes about to expire at your local grocery store and you will have an idea of how this tasted. Very dry, hard icing, and possibly kept in the refrigerator/ freezer for a little too long. It just wasn’t extremely enjoyable. Food gets a C-


Ambiance – This place was really nice. They did an excellent job with the lighting in here. It had a romantic feel to it and was perfect enough to feel like every table was your own private room. It was cozy and yet elegant. I loved that they had valet parking too when you arrived. Not many P.F. Changs will offer that. I feel like everything was put together perfectly here. Ambiance gets an A+


Service – Our server was fantastic. He was very personable, knowledgeable of the menu, had great recommendations, and we really felt like he cared if we had a good experience or not. Everything was timely and better than I could ever hope for. Service gets an A


Price/Quality – This was not worth what we paid. Like I mentioned the food was subpar and our bill was over $50. There are many many Asian restaurants in and around the Atlanta area that serves incredible food for under $50. Considering how many more great options there are out there for great Asian cuisine, I can’t justify returning here, at least not for the price I paid. Price/quality gets a D-


Uniqueness – The ambiance was great and so was the service. However, the food was lacking which tends to be a pretty important part of going to a restaurant. The ambiance and service was good enough and unique enough that I would consider returning here for a date, if it felt appropriate. For that I will give a decent grade. Uniqueness gets a B-

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