Sweet Tomatoes – Duluth



Food – So this place plays itself off as a salad bar but I didn’t really enjoy the salad. Most salad bars at other restaurants are much better and offer many more options of what to put on your salad. You can get the basic salad stuff but that’s it. There is no protein you can put on. They do have grilled chicken but it is $8 extra. However, once you go through the salad line they do have a large soup selection which is phenomenal. I am torn here because I don’t like the salad bar but I love the soup bar. The grades separately are quite opposite. Food gets a C+


Ambiance – So a salad bar is quite a casual place where one can grab a good lunch and the seating meets that. It is comfortable and casual. Nothing good to say, nothing bad to say. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – So you serve yourself here but the cashier and workers there are friendly and will help you with questions you may have. Service gets a B+


Price/Quality – So it was $8 for everything which isn’t bad. However, since the only thing I enjoyed was the soup bar, it is hard to rate it high. However, $8 for all you can eat soup is a good deal. Price/Quality gets a B-


Uniqueness – So there certainly isn’t another place that is salad and soup only, but considering there are plenty of other places where you can get higher quality salad and still good soup, I can’t call this place completely unique. Uniqueness gets a D

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