The Cheesecake Factory – Dunwoody

Grade: A-


Food – I absolutely love the food at The Cheesecake factory. It is one of the only chain restaurants that I get excited about going to over and over again. It is a restaurant I never get tired of. The dishes are put together with a lot of care. What I love most is the presentation that The Cheesecake Factory puts into all of their dishes. It isn’t just put onto the plate. It is masterfully built. It is great to see a chain restaurant pay attention to these little details. I have tried many dishes at The Cheesecake Factory and everything has been top notch. Every plate has multiple layers and garnishes to compliment the entrée. Everything on the dish works together. The menu is very large and though I have seen dozens of dishes from here, everything has been well above average. Food gets an A


Ambiance – The Cheesecake Factory screams of sophistication. Marble countertops and floors, a grand entrance and large round hostess stand when you enter, and every table is decorated in a white table cloth yet inviting manner. The use of glass dividers, wooden panels and doors, and the marble throughout the restaurant shows how much time and effort they put into the ambiance of this place. Ambiance gets an A


Service – Sometimes I feel like they stretch the servers a little thin here. I feel like at times they give them too many tables. This restaurant is always packed no matter when you go. I have seen wait times well over an hour before and the waiters/waitresses always are practically running to keep up with all their tables. The servers are amazing in and of themselves. They are knowledgeable and are mostly on point and always friendly. However, my advice to management would be to limit table and table sizes per server and put more on staff. Service gets a B-


Price/Quality – An average entrée here will be $12-$16 which is above average price for a chain restaurant but is well worth the price for what you get here, especailly because the portion sizes are so large. I have come back here over and over and gladly paid the price for each and every entrée I have ordered. Nothing amazing about the prices but worth it nonetheless. Price/Quality gets a B


Uniqueness – I think the restaurant is unique in the fact that they do everything well. Every restaurant has their fault but I can’t find the one with The Cheesecake Factory. I also believe their entrees to be unique. I haven’t seen the combination of ingredients replicated anywhere else and believe those dishes are unique to this place. Uniqueness gets a A-

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