Cheeky – Forsyth

Grade: B


Food – I had a burger when I ate here for lunch. I know it is a Mexican place but I just wasn’t feeling Mexican. I had a burger and I loved it. I know there is hardly a restaurant in Atlanta that doesn’t sell a burger but this burger was better than most. Not only did they use fresh meat and ingredients, but they put queso in the middle of the burger patty. I have never had a burger that was filled with cheese but this was amazing. It was truly unique and tasty. Food gets an B+


Ambiance – This is a nice place, well kept, and clean. It was a very inviting and friendly place. It gave off a vibe as a place to go and hang out for a casual afternoon lunch. What I loved the most was the fact that the menus were made out of large wooden boards. It was different. I very much enjoyed the casual atmosphere. Ambiance gets a B+


Service – Our server was excellent. She joked around with our table but was still very prompt. She did a great job. I felt like her personal touch and friendly manner went a long way in enjoying myself here. Also, if this is something you look for in a restaurant, all the servers were young attractive females. To me it was a plus. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – The food was different which is why I liked it but the taste was average, but so were the prices. The prices fit the quality of food but isn’t a deal to rave about. Price/quality gets a B-.


Uniqueness – This is a very comfortable restaurant but nothing too unique. I don’t know of another restaurant that makes a burger exactly like I had but other than that one item, I don’t feel like much else was unique. However, since my food and experience was out of the ordinary, I am giving a decent grade. Uniqueness gets a B-

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