Fat Matt’s Rib Shack



Food – The food was top notch here. I ordered a half rack of ribs and the rum baked beans. The meat was cooked perfectly and was very tender as well. It practically fell off the bone when I picked it up. I know many enthusiasts believe good barbque is 90% meat, but I think correctly incorporating flavor into that meat and instituting bbq sauce into the meal is the most important factors. I felt like Fat Matt’s did this better than any other joint I have eaten at. Usually presaucing meat is bad mark on a barbeque restaurant but I can’t see how anyone could argue with Fat Matt’s considering the way they perfectly incorporate it into the meat. It was also evident that the rum baked beans were made from scratch and the fact that I could truly taste rum made me happy. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – This is a small restaurant in an old building but they did manage to put together a constant theme of a 1940’s blues/jazz style restaurant. Pictures of old blues/jazz artists lined the walls and the music matched as well. It was a perfect setting for BBQ. While the run down and outdated building may suit the restaurant well, it does mean that there are limited audiences I would take here, even with such amazing food. Ambiance gets a B.


Service – So this is another “order at the counter” type of restaurant. The lady was very patient and friendly with us. The manager (at least I assume he was the manager) came to our table, asked how everything was, and a lady even took our dishes when we were done. The fact that most things were done for us and everyone was pleasant at an order at the counter place really stuck in my mind. Service gets an A


Price/Quality – The half rack of ribs, rum baked beans, and drink cost me around $15. A little bit more expensive than your average price for these items, but I felt it was well worth that and more. I will definitely be returning here and gladly pay this price. Price/Quality gets an A-


Uniqueness – Being a southerner all my life, I have had plenty of BBQ at plenty of places, but none as good as Fat Matt’s. The Uniqueness of this restaurant is in the food. Everything else can be considered average or slightly above average and easily replicated. However, the food is what makes this place unique. You have to go try it. Uniqueness gets a B

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