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Food – I ordered an item that wasn’t on the menu. Enchiladas Cervando. The single best Mexican dish I have ever eaten which was surprising considering that this seems like your typical cheap Mexican place. The sauce was delectable, the broccoli and cauliflower was steamed perfectly, the enchiladas were top quality and the sauce which was slightly spicy actually made the dish. Our table got nachos also and we asked for that sauce to be poured over it which they did at no extra charge. I am not sure about their other dishes but you will not be disappointed if this is the only thing you ever order here. Food gets an A-


Ambiance – Nothing really special or nice about the ambiance here. The paint on the walls and sombreros sprinkled throughout give it a small Mexican feel. Obviously on a budget when they chose the tables and chairs but it is a comfortable and intimate environment. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to rush here for either. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – We did not receive good service. We went on a Thursday night which was trivia night here and they were a little busy but still should not have been this bad. Our waitress would disappear and this just didn’t happen once, it happened several times. From the time getting our menus to ordering, it took a long time, same thing when we received our meal. We had to ask the manager to refill our waters and so on throughout the night. It was like she didn’t want to serve us at all. Service gets a D-


Price/Quality – The meal was excellent and cheap. I would have to say that the food is almost underpriced. I didn’t feel like the meal I ate was “cheap” Mexican at all. Price/quality gets a B

Uniqueness – So when you go to a cheap Mexican joint what do you expect? 1-30 number combinations and the ability to add on standard dishes like burritos or tacos. The same isn’t true here. While they do have combos and typical Mexican dishes they go above and beyond with the dish that I have. The dish that I had cannot be found in any other Mexican restaurant. The food for a cheaper Mexican restaurant is very unique. Uniqueness gets a B-

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