Erawan Organic Thai Restaurant



Food – I am a huge fan of Thai food and this is easily one of my favorite restaurants in all of Atlanta. The food here is top notch. If you want the most flavorful and authentic Thai food in Atlanta, come here. Another thing I greatly appreciate is the presentation they give with their dishes. You eat with your eyes first and their presentation gets me excited for every dish I order. I highly suggest the Pad Kra Pow/Spicy Basil or the Pad-Khing/ Ginger. These are two of their best dishes. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – I really didn’t expect much coming to a restaurant in a shopping center, in an area not exactly know for great places of business. However, this restaurant on the inside is quite exquisite. They did an amazing job decorating the restaurant. The combination of hanging lights, bucket lights, and candles make this one of the most romantic restaurants I have been to. The tables are also setup perfectly. Some of the higher class restaurants can take lessons from this place. I highly suggest eating here. Ambiance gets an A+


Service – The lady who served us didn’t understand English very well so asking specific questions was futile. However, she was on point and checked back regularly on us. She was also very friendly. Service gets a B-


Price/Quality – I would honestly pay $15+ for an entrée here. In fact I expected it but entrees are only around $10. For such a great restaurant with such high quality food, the prices here are very cheap. Price/quality gets an A


Uniqueness – I feel this restaurant is very unique. You have cheap Thai in Atlanta like Thai Lanna that just feels cheap or you have over priced Thai in Atlanta but a nice restaurant such as Nan Thai or Tuk Tuk. This restaurant is the best of both worlds and there is no other Thai restaurant in Atlanta that offers that. This restaurant truly stands out. Uniqueness gets an A


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