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Food – Freight makes an incredible effort to provide fresh and immaculate dishes to their customers. All of the ingredients they use are made local and delivered fresh. I don’t know of another restaurant that gets all of their ingredients local and fresh. This commitment to quality shows in their food. I had a crab cake sandwich and was one of the most enjoyable lunches I have had in a long time. The next time I am in Woodstock, it is a certain that I will eat here. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – this place is in an old train station. They have preserved the classic look perfectly and yet everything has a just finished and clean feel. They even had a nice outdoor patio where we sat. I was surprised the trains still run on the tracks because one came through while we were eating. It was really exciting. All other converted train stations that have been restaurants no longer have trains that run by them. This was cool to see. Ambiance gets an A+


Service – Service was good. The lady was very friendly and very knowledgeable of the menu. She made great suggestions and was able to tell us about each dish. I do believe she was stretched a little thin because it was crowded and she had too many tables. She was a little slow coming back to our table a few times. Forgivable but while on lunch from work, you need to be a little faster for your guests. Service gets a B-


Price/Quality – Price is a little above average here. My sandwich cost around $14 but it was truly excellent. Because the quality was way above average, I feel the price is really fair and would pay it anytime for this food. Price/quality gets a B

Uniqueness – I feel this is truly a unique restaurant. The quality of food here is not easily found again and the ambiance is truly unique too. It stands out from many other restaurants. Uniqueness gets an A

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