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Food: I have eaten multiple meals here and mostly ordered just sushi each time. I have to say that I have never had a bad sushi roll here. Everything has been made correctly and tasted amazing. I have zero complaints about the food and will continue to make my way back here. I will also say that the alcohol specials here are amazing. They have $10 bottomless wine and $1 domestic beers. Hard to beat that discount! I also have to admit that hot and sour soup is my favorite thing to order at Asian restaurants and Lucky China’s is top notch. I don’t think you will be disappointed at all with the food here. Food gets an A


Ambiance: This restaurant is in a Kroger shopping center and might not look like much from the outside. However, once you are inside, you will think differently. If you are looking for a romantic restaurant, this is your prime spot. Candle lit tables with comfortable and intimate booths in the restaurant makes it a great date spot. You can tell that they put some thought into each decoration they put into the place. It is a comfortable and inviting environment. Ambiance gets a B+


Service: I rather enjoy the entire staff here. All of them that I have encountered have been very friendly. Service has been prompt and always with a smile. Nothing overly over the top but zero complaints about the wait staff. Service gets a B+


Price/Quality: The food tasted good but there was nothing overly unique. Most were menu items you could find at most other restaurants. So, for average items that tasted good, they were priced average. They do however have a few menu specials that are above average in terms of price for the quality you receive. I believe that the quality is consistent and above average. Price/quality gets a B-


Uniqueness: There is nothing truly unique about this place other than the fact that they do everything well. That in and of itself is uncommon among restaurants. Usually you are forced to choose between great food and terrible service or the like. Everything is pleasurable here. Although no one feature is unique, the overall experience is uncommon. Uniqueness gets a B-

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