North River Tavern



Food – I would compare the food here to your typical chain restaurant. The menu and quality of food is the exact same as I expect in an O’Charleys or Applebee’s. Our table had the spinach artichoke dip, Reuben sandwich, buffalo burger, and a French dip sandwich. No one had any complaints about the food, yet it isn’t a place we would run back to for the food. It was average. I’m not saying that is bad; it’s just what it is. Food gets a C+


Ambiance – This place was very nice inside. It is much larger than I expected with multiple rooms. One just a dining room, then a bar area, and another was a game room. It was really cool and a great relaxing atmosphere, suitable for anyone. It was a great place as a bar/tavern. Ambiance gets an A-


Service – Our server was very friendly and very knowledgeable of the menu. She had some good suggestions on food and beer. She did disappear once on us for a little too long but very forgivable. I have no complaints about the service. Service gets a B-

Price/Quality – It wasn’t terribly expensive to eat here. It was about the price you would expect for this meal. The price was good enough that I would go back some time but not rush back. It was what you would expect for an average quality meal. Price/quality gets a B-

Uniqueness – The ambiance was different but there are certainly plenty of bars in Atlanta that offer atmosphere comparable to North River Tavern. Nothing truly unique about this place but it still stands out from the cookie cutter restaurants. Uniqueness gets a C

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