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Food: I have to say that when they advertise “gourmet” sandwiches, they are not lying. These certainly were the most gourmet sandwiches I have ever eaten. Each one seems like a work of art. At the suggestion of Urbanspoon user Ari32, I ordered the Golden Gate Sandwich. This sandwich consisted of Sliced Roasted Pork, Crisp Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Dill Pickle, Lettuce, Peach Chutney (made in house), and Mustard sauce (also made in house). While everything was very fresh and tasty, I have to say I was not a fan of the Peach Chutney, just as a personal preference. As far as the chutney goes, it was very well made, I just failed to see it came with the sandwich before I ordered. Because I don’t like chutney, I didn’t enjoy the sandwich very much. However, since that was my fault, I am going to rate the food with my overall knowledge of food rather than my own personal experience. The food gets an A-


Ambiance – It has the typical sandwich shop feel of ordering at the counter. I loved their menu behind the counter; a couple very large chalk boards with the sandwiches and descriptions written on them. It is a very well kept shop and even has a rather large patio outside to eat at. Everything was nice except for the table and chairs. They were the cheap plastic kind that you usually find for $5 at yard sales. I am not saying it didn’t fit the idea here, but just that I expected something a slight bit nicer to sit in. The ambiance gets a B-


Service- So of course this sandwich shop is order at the counter but I was greeted with a smile and the lady was very kind who took my order. The friendly service was a pleasant surprise since the line was out the door and they were very busy. I appreciated them treating me like I was the only person there. The service gets an A+


Price/quality – So, not only are these sandwiches absolutely delectable and unique, they are quite large as well. The average price for a sandwich is around $7-$8 which I feel is fair. However, with so many sandwich shops charging around $6 for a much inferior sandwich than Wright’s offers, in comparison, their prices are incredible. Price/Quality gets a B


Uniqueness – I can truly say that no other sandwich shop that I have ever found in Atlanta or anywhere else for that matter has such gourmet sandwiches. I truly believe that no other place can replicate the quality they produce here. Uniqueness gets a B

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