Taqueria Del Sol

Grade: B

Food: Atlanta of all places has a surprisingly large amount of restaurants that focus on specialty tacos. I really enjoy tacos, in case the title of this blog didn’t tip you off about that, but can be skeptical of these types of restaurants. However, Taqueria Del Sol did not disappoint. I was able to try all six of their tacos and each one was excellent. My favorite by far was the fish taco. The Tilapia was cooked perfectly. I wouldn’t even expect that quality piece of fish as an entrée in other restaurants around Atlanta and having it rolled in corn masa put it way over the top. Even if you don’t enjoy fish tacos, I would bet you would love this one. Food gets an A

Ambiance – Not too much to say about the ambiance. It’s not a place you go to for “atmosphere”. So all you can really expect is a clean restaurant, capable seating, and a pleasurable space to enjoy your food. Taqueria Del Sol offers this in every way. Ambiance gets a B-

Service – Taqueria Del Sol is an order at the counter type restaurant. However, I was met with many pleasantries and smiles as I ordered. Also, the manager made a trip by our table to ensure we were having an enjoyable time. Then, when we left, we were thanked for our business. It was everything you could expect and more in regards to service. Service gets a B

Price/Quality – Tacos were around $3 a piece which is slightly above average for a specialty taco. However, the food was well above average. I think their menu is priced very accordingly and is well worth the money you could spend there. Price/quality gets a B+

Uniqueness – This restaurant surpasses all other specialty taco restaurants in terms of quality of the food. This is the one and only aspect that separates it from other restaurants in Atlanta. I will definitely be coming back again as their food is unreplicated anywhere else. Uniqueness gets a B-

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