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Food: I did not find the food very enjoyable at all. I went for lunch and ordered the crispy chicken bowl. The rice was not cooked correctly. It was slightly on the mushy side and lacked flavor. The rice was just not good but neither was the beef. I expected crispy beef but it was so crispy that I could hardly chew it. It was very tough and took effort to chew up and get down. I just found nothing enjoyable about the meal. Food gets a D-

Ambiance: The inside of this restaurant was beautiful. The décor was very elegant. The best thing about the ambiance was the lighting. Other restaurants could take notes about the use of lights in this restaurant. Few other restaurants can claim the elegance of the interior of steel. Ambiance gets an A+

Service: I am not sure if the waitress was new but she lacked some knowledge of the menu. However, she did put a lot of effort into ensuring I enjoyed my meal and that I had everything I needed, for the most part. However, there was one part in the middle of my meal where she seemed to disappear, I ran out of water, and had to halt my meal until she came back for me to ask for a refill. I did see the GM or owner (not sure which he was) come to each table and ask how their experience was. He truly cared that everyone was enjoying their visit. I do like that a lot. Service gets a B-

Price/Quality: I feel like this restaurant can prepare a high quality meal but the one I had was not worth very much money at all. It was only $9 but did not taste like a $9 bowl. Looking at their menu, their sushi is very expensive too. Considering their chefs are not Japanese and are only owned by Americans, I have a hard time even thinking the sushi would be worth the price. I just did not see any reason to think their food justified the prices. Price/Quality gets a D

Uniqueness: I would have to say that the ambiance here is the only unique thing about the restaurant. It truly was beautiful and would love to go back if they had a better menu. The uniqueness of the décor is most likely enough to get me to go back and give them a second chance on their food. However, other than the uniqueness of the ambiance, nothing else seems to even meet average expectations. Uniqueness gets a B-

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  1. Chuck Kneeland November 28, 2012 at 10:31 pm Reply

    Dear B, B and T,
    Thanks for the feedback about my restaurant. I was the one checking on everyone. I wish I had known about your bowl then but I would love to show you some really cool and unique dishes. We have been here for 5 years and if everyone had your experience I know we would not be here. Call me directly at 404-477-6111 and let me take you on a tour of Southeast Asia.


    Chuck Kneeland
    Owner-STEEL Restaurant

    • beerboozetacos December 17, 2012 at 2:25 pm Reply

      Mr. Kneeland. Thanks you so much for your response. I will certainly give your restaurant another try in the future. I have heard great things from others about your restaurant and am sure my experience was a one time thing. I will certainly let you know when I attend again. Thanks!


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