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Food – As I have said before, I am not the greatest fan of Persian cuisine. However, I did enjoy my meal at Sufi’s. For an appetizer, our table ordered the Sufi’s special which was spicy sautéed eggplant, onion, garlic, chick peas and spicy tomato sauce served with traditional bread. It was excellent and my favorite part of the entire meal. I highly suggest you order this appetizer. For an entrée I ordered the Koobideh Wrap. It was enjoyable because everything was fresh. The bread and ground beef inside had never been frozen and you could certainly tell. I also felt the flavors fit with traditional Persian cooking and I would highly recommend this restaurant if you enjoy this type of cuisine. It is hard for me to give a rating to a restaurant where I don’t enjoy the cuisine but because I felt this one stood out above other Persian restaurants I will rate it high. Food gets a B+

Ambiance – This place is very elegant on the inside yet has a comfortable feel. You could also see the open fire oven where they cooked meals. The atmosphere was perfect in that I think this may be my new go to place for business meetings. It just has that atmosphere. It can also be perfect for a date night as well. It can bring that romantic environment. If asked my advice on this restaurant I would have to say to not change a thing about the décor. Ambiance gets an A+

Service – The server was as helpful and friendly as any five star restaurants in Atlanta. The difference between a low cost chain restaurant and a five star restaurant is that the servers at the chains place stuff on your table as needed but the high class restaurant servers make an effort to discover the customer’s needs and then quickly fills that need to the best of their ability. This is the service I received at Sufi’s. Although I hadn’t before considered this to be a higher class restaurant in Atlanta, the service was equal to any other. Service gets an A+

Price/quality – For quality and fresh Persian cuisine, this restaurant is priced relatively accurately. While it is more expensive than other restaurants, the food exceeds other restaurants. I would say that it is fairly priced. Price/quality gets a B-

Uniqueness – This is unique among Persian restaurants because of its elegance. No other Persian restaurant in Atlanta touches the quality of the service or ambiance like Sufi’s. While many other quality restaurants are in the area, I would have to say that Sufi’s still rings some unique features. Uniqueness gets a B-

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