Eclipse di Luna


Food – We ordered a wide range of tapas during our visit here and I can say that each dish was all over the map. By that I mean that some dishes were phenomenal, others average, and others forgettable. I would highly recommend the fried goat cheese balls, Costillas Espanolas, Empanada De Pato, and the Ternera Fricanado. These were extraordinary. This first visit was more of a learning experience of what to order and what not to order. I am sure I could give a perfect rating to the food if I knew exactly what to order. However, I have to rate of overall experience with all the food I ordered. The food gets a B+

Ambiance – I enjoyed the casual atmosphere with the hint of the Spanish environment you prefer with tapas. This is an example of how simple decorations and design can go a long way. It will never make it onto a cover of a magazine but provides an atmosphere I can’t see anyone complaining about. Ambiance gets a B

Service – Our server was very knowledgeable of the menu. She was great at making recommendations and describing each tapas we asked about. It was also very busy when we went there but never had to wonder where our waitress was with drinks, food, or just to ask a question. The service fit the atmosphere perfectly and was refreshing to have a server who was on top of her game. Service gets an A+

Price/quality – I feel like the price was slightly above other tapas restaurants but so was the food. It was still very affordable also. It was obvious that some dishes were not worth the price and others I would pay more for. Overall the menu is priced accurately for what you get. Price/quality gets a B+

Uniqueness – This is a well rounded restaurant. From service to atmosphere to food, they do it all well. I can think of few other tapas bars or restaurants for that matter that can put together an entire experience like this place. It beats out other restaurants and is unique in the quality of the experience they provide. Uniqueness gets a B

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