The Varsity

Grade: A-

Food – I think everyone should go to The Varsity for the experience. It is a unique place that everyone needs to go to once. However, I cannot for the life of me see how anyone can thoroughly enjoy the food here. I love greasy spoons and hole in the wall restaurants but The Varsity just doesn’t make the cut. The draw of a greasy spoon is that they take fresh products and simply cook them for taste without ever worrying about your health. You have to love that but The Varsity simply opens up some cans, throw some food on a plate and pushes it out. A quick meal for some ok greasy food is fine but if you listen to all of those people talking about the superior dogs and burgers at The Varsity, you will be disappointed. Food gets a D

Ambiance – You go to the Varsity for the experience. It is your classic old school drive in with long lines and the shouts of “Whatta ya have!” ringing through the place. Anything from classic booths to bar stool counters to even school desks to sit in, the ambiance of this place will leave you smiling. Ambiance gets an A+

Service – All you can expect from a greasy spoon like this where you order at a counter is to not have to wait too long on your order. I can promise you that I have never had to wait more than 1 minute for my food once I have ordered. You can also expect to be rushed on your order so know what you want before you get to the counter. It is all part of the ambiance. Service gets an A+

Price/Quality – I would say that the price you pay fits the experience but not the food. Price for the food is slightly higher than one would think it should be although you certainly won’t break the bank by eating here. However, I will give this a slightly higher rating because you are paying for an experience. Price/Quality gets a B-

Uniqueness – There are quite a few restaurants that try and recreate the 60’s drive in experience but no one does it quite like The Varsity. You certainly will not get the same experience anywhere else. The atmosphere here is unmatched. Uniqueness gets an A+

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