Goodfellas Pizza & Wings


Food – I had an Italian sub sandwich and fries for lunch. The fries were severely disappointing. No seasoning whatsoever. The sub was actually pleasant. The meat was excellent and they certainly put enough on there to give you a filling lunch. There was nothing truly special about the food but it was adequate for those looking for a quick filling lunch. The food gets a C

Ambiance – The ambiance fits the feel of the restaurant. Old style booths, tile floor, order at the counter, etc. It fits with the type of food you expect at Goodfellas. I also liked that they put tv’s on the walls as well as plenty of pictures. It wasn’t overwhelming but provided the right atmosphere for a low key restaurant. The ambiance gets a B

Service – of course when you choose to eat at an order at the counter type of place, there is not much to say about the service. However, you do expect the staff to be friendly, courteous, and make an effort for you to be satisfied. I found all of that at Goodfellas. The ladies at the counter were more than courteous and gave a true effort to ensure I received exactly what I ordered as fast as possible. Service gets an A+

Price/quality – There are plenty of places to get subs around Atlanta, and some that I enjoyed better than Goodfellas. The higher rating in this category comes from the fact that you get much more food for about the same price of a sub at Subway, Publix, etc. So I would say the price for the quality of food that you get is about average. The price/quality gets a C+

Uniqueness – The food and ambiance at Goodfellas is different than other restaurant in the area. However, I am not sure that is enough to earn them a good rating for uniqueness. I think the amount of food that you get on a quick lunch does separate it from other restaurants. However, it is not really enough to say there is anything truly unique about this place. Uniqueness gets a B-

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