The Corner Taqueria


Food – With so many plaes around Atlanta that specializes in tacos (Twisted taco, Taqueria Del Sol,  Pure Taqueria, etc.) I was skeptical of this new restaurant. To say the least, I wasn’t too impressed. I ordered a slew of special tacos from the menu and each was tasty but nothing incredible. All I can say is the food is just above average. The food gets a C+

Ambiance – The two things I liked about the ambiance is that it did feel like a traditional taqueria/Mexican restaurant and it also gave a very relaxed atmosphere which was all enjoyable. Several other restaurants also accomplish this but is becoming more and more rare. I do commend them on this. Ambiance gets a B

Service – Nothing to say here at all. The night went without any complaints but nothing notable. Servers never engaged us which was understandable consider how low key the restaurant was and how busy they were also. Service gets a B

Price/quality – The food was averaged price and the food was average. So, I would say it fits but for the price, I would rather venture to a more outstanding place that I truly enjoy such as Taqueria Del Sol. The price/quality gets a C-

Uniqueness – There is nothing truly unique about the restaurant. It is enjoyable and I would say that the ambiance is the most unique thing about the restaurant. However, nothing about our experience truly stood out. I am not opposed to another visit but would never go out of my way to visit here again. The uniqueness gets a D. 

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