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Food – I went here just for the sushi so I cannot speak to the quality of the hibachi grill. I may not be the most knowledagble about sushi but it is one of my favorite foods. I know what I like and don’t like so take my review with a grain of salt as only a personal experience. However, I did not enjoy the sushi here. First of all the rolls were not well made. They were nearly falling apart before we touched them. Our table ordered about 8 rolls and few were even enjoyable. We ordered one that included cream cheese and another that included cucumbers and both were overrunning with those substances. The fish was not the main taste after a bite and it just wasn’t enjoyable to eat a roll that was mostly cream cheese or cucumbers. The rolls also seemed smaller than a typical sushi roll. Not sure if they shortened their seaweed to make them that way but it certainly took away from the meal. Overall it was not an enjoyable meal. The food gets a D

Ambiance – So the dining room consisted of only about 6 tables, then there was the bar and then the hibachi grills. We had to wait for one of the six tables and no one greeted us when we walked in. The hostess station was at the back of the restaurant. It made no sense. Also the foyer we walked into looked more like someone’s porch with gaudy plants and children’s toys spread out. It looked terrible. I am not one to ever leave negative reviews but I was completely put off by this entire place. The ambiance gets an F


Service – Service starts when you walk in the door and the fact that we stood there for almost 10 minutes where no one came and before we realized we had to walk to the back of the restaurant to find anyone was a terrible start to the evening. The server we did have did not understand English very well. Now usually this would not be noteworthy if the restaurant was authentic Japanese or at least had Japanese owners but this is not the case. This along with the quality of the restaurant was not acceptable to me. It just took away from the meal when I had to repeat myself several times. Service gets a D


Price/quality – There are better and less expensive sushi places in Atlanta. The prices were about average though with it being around $8 for an average roll. However, the quality was rather poor and I cannot give it a good rating. Price/quality gets a D+


Uniqueness – There was nothing unique about this restaurant. In fact, everything seemed to be below average. I honestly cannot even come to name one thing that this restaurant has that I cannot get at a better restaurant in Atlanta or even in Roswell. Uniqueness gets an F

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  1. Chris November 19, 2012 at 11:57 pm Reply

    Ran across your review, Just a couple of thoughts. Your favorite food is sushi and you order cream cheese rolls? Their tuna tartare, live scallops, or yellow tail are some of the best in the city. If the rolls were overflowing with cream cheese flavor, try some real sushi and get some sashimi! Btw the owners are Korean. I have had sushi all over this city & this country and I got to tell you you missed out!

    • beerboozetacos November 20, 2012 at 4:40 pm Reply

      I have heard similar comments to yours since I ate there. Perhaps I need to give them another try. Every restaurant is entitled to an off night. Maybe I will change my opinion on the second go.

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