Hand in Hand


Food – I honestly wasn’t expecting much due to the poor reviews around. However, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience. I went on a Tuesday and ordered their $5 fish and chips special. The portion was rather large and the fish was prepared excellently. For $5 I was not expecting the quality of fish I received. You can tell how fresh it was and how it had not been frozen. I was impressed that such a place would take such care of food preparation and use quality vendors. While I was impressed the taste was only slightly above your average fish and chips. The food gets a B-

Ambiance – Not too much to say about the ambiance. It has a slight resemblance of your typical English pub with a very nice outdoor patio to eat on. The inside is rather small so in the winter, I am not sure this would be a destination I would go to. The ambiance also was a bit above average. The ambiance gets a B-

Service – There was only one lady who had the entire patio to herself. She did fine but was of course slow because of the amount of customers she had. I only saw one other server working who had the entire inside. They really were understaffed. They needed at least 4 servers that day. So, while the servers were great, I have to accost management for ensuring the patrons received slow service. The service gets a D+.

Price/Quality – This is a very hard category for me to rate. The fish and chips I received was an amazing value for $5 but the typical price is $12. I would go back over and over for the $5 value but certainly would never consider it worth $12. So, Hand in Hand has specials like these everyday where you can get an expensive menu item at a cheap cost. Because of that I am going to give a high rating for price/quality but I certainly do not think that their typical menu prices reflect the quality of the food. Price/Quality gets an A-

Uniqueness – The best compliment that I can give to Hand in Hand’s uniqueness is that they are only slightly different from other English Pubs. Ambiance is slightly above average, food is slightly above average, and price on their specials beats other pubs. Other than that, nothing particularly special about this place, although I would go back if I was in the area and needed a bite for lunch. Uniqueness gets a C-

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