Noche Brookhaven – Review


Food – I was unaware that this was a tapas bar when I arrived. They seem to be content with just calling it Noche without the description of “Tapas”. However, I was ready to roll with the punches. I ordered a few tacos and a few “Noche Favorites”. If there is one word I could use to describe the food, it would be bland. Even the mango salsa that came with my chicken empanada had little flavor. I was unaware that it was possible to take flavor out of a mango but Noche managed and it didn’t help that I had to take several bites before even finding chicken in the empanada. The only tolerable dish was the lobster roll. The presentation of the dishes was excellent but what is the point if they have no flavor? The food gets a D+.

Ambiance – We ate out on the patio on a somewhat colorful picnic table. The inside followed the same theme. It was nice and well kept but to me it just did not fit with what a tequila and tapas bar should look like. It supposed to have a southwest feel to it, not a playful day in the park. There was nothing special or fitting about the look here. The ambiance gets a C.

Service – The service was fine throughout the meal. We asked for recommendations and the server had not eaten a few things we asked about and seemed to be repeating whatever the managers told her to say about the other dishes. I enjoy a more personal conversation with my server. Also, one person at our table ordered an espresso after our meal and it took quite some time to bring it to the table, but it wasn’t a big deal since we were in no hurry to leave at that point. It was just something I noticed. The service gets a C-.

Price/Quality – As mentioned before, the food was not very good and when you are charging $5-$8 for tapas, it needs to be exceptional. I would not pay more than $1-$3 for this food. While it is priced right for a typical tapas bar, the food just did not live up to the price. The price/quality gets an F.

Uniqueness – There really is nothing unique about Noche. Even their dishes seem to be cookie cutter recipes as does the entire restaurant idea. I have nothing other to say than that there are plenty of better places within 3 miles of this restaurant. The uniqueness gets an F.

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