Fanoos Persian Cuisine


Food – In general, I am not a big fan of Persian cuisine so it is hard for me to give an unbiased review. However, I did really enjoy my visit to Fanoos. Rice with cheese is a staple in any Persian restaurant but it is typical for them to serve pre packaged rice and cheap shredded cheese. What I found pleasant was the freshness and high quality of this part of the meal. It shows their commitment to great food. The chicken I had was also cooked perfectly and was tasty. The fact that I enjoyed this meal without being a fan of Persian cuisine means that if you do like it, you will love this place. The food gets an A.

Ambiance – I almost left when I pulled in the parking lot. The shopping center it is in looked terrible and it didn’t look much better from the outside. However, the moment I stepped in the door, I was amazed. The decorations made me think I had traveled east. It was stunningly beautiful inside with both tables and traditional Persian lounge areas. There were bulb lights running throughout the restaurant and a beautiful fountain in the middle. I honestly don’t have a grade high enough to express the great job they did with this place. The ambiance gets an A+.

Service – The service stood out in my mind because I got a sense that our server was genuinely concerned with how well we enjoyed our experience. The concerned questions he asked and general attitude said that he was more concerned with us enjoying ourselves rather than his tip. He made us all feel very comfortable and welcome there, like it was our own kitchen. The service gets an A-.

Price/Quality – Like I said before, I am not a real fan of Persian cuisine but I did enjoy this meal. It was also very inexpensive for a meal that filled us up. I feel the price is accurately set for what we received. The price/quality gets a B-.

Uniqueness – The real uniqueness of this restaurant is the ambiance of it. There are few other restaurants in Atlanta that perfectly fit the theme but this one meets that criteria. If I was going to consider a Persian restaurant, it would be this one for the quality food, above average service and incredible ambiance. It is not that any of these are in and of itself very unique but the combination of them gives this restaurant an edge on the others making it special. The uniqueness gets a B-.

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