McCray’s West Village Tavern

Overall Grade: B-

Food – Our table had multiple dishes here and each was excellent. It seemed to be obvious that McCray’s uses vendors that supply them with frozen and medium grade products/ingredients. However, the chefs here are excellent. They take mediocre ingredients and transform them into wonderful creations. Every day they have multiple dishes that are unique and displays the chefs talent. I will also say that I had a taste of the pasta with vodka sauce and the vodka sauce was the best I ever had. Overall the food was above average and unique but not outstanding because of the vendors they have chosen. The food gets a B-.

Ambiance – I love this restaurant because it has three separate parts. There is an outside patio that is perfect for a date, there is a bar in the back with plenty of TV’s and a huge projector to watch all the big games, and the main dining room, which is right for any gathering. The huge differences between all three parts which makes it right for anyone give it a high score. The ambiance gets an A.

Service – Nothing to really comment on when it comes to service. The wait staff was very friendly and we never had to make a request. They all seemed to work as a team and while nothing truly noteworthy happened, there was nothing to complain about. Service receives a B.

Price/quality – The food was prepared excellently but it was quite expensive, especially considering the smaller portions you received. While I don’t doubt the chefs talent, they use subpar ingrediants and so the quality of the food just does not match the price. While I enjoyed my experience, it wasn’t quite worth the price they ask you to pay. The price/quality gets a D.

Uniqueness – I would have to say that the ambiance and the unique menu offerings did give this restaurant a uniqueness I was looking for. However, the price/quality takes away from the uniqueness. I would come here for a date and sit on the patio or to grab a beer and watch the game in the back. That is what the uniqueness would draw me in for. Uniqueness gets a B. 

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