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Food – I’m just going to go ahead and say it to be blunt. Fogo De Chao provided me with the best meal I ever eaten. Normally a Brazilian steak house is unappealing to me because it is just meat with little accompaniment. However, the meat served here was so succulent and well prepared that it far exceeded any other Brazilian steakhouse I had visited. During the course of the night I had perhaps 15 cuts of meat and each was cooked to perfection and seasoned perfectly. This is highly unusual for Atlanta churrascarias. It really shows the level of brilliance and skill the chefs at Fogo De Chao display. They only do one thing, but they do it well. The food gets an A+.

Ambiance – Really not much to say about the ambiance of the restaurant. Nothing out of the ordinary but appropriate none the less. They did have a beautiful wine closet displayed at the entrance that drew you in as soon as you stepped foot in the door. Tables were set nicely and decorations were minimal which was pleasant. The ambiance gets a B.

Service – This was the most outstanding service I have ever received. Every request was met with immediate action and timing of the server was always perfect. Two instances stand out in my mind. One was when my friend I was dining with asked the maitre d’ if he could have two waiters hold up two skewers of meat to have his picture taken with. The maitre d’ then asked what his favorite cuts of meat were. After answering, he found two waiters holding those skewers and brought them to the table. His concern for getting us the perfect picture was very noteworthy. Also, when we received a cut of lamb chops that was cooked to perhaps a medium when we preferred medium rare, we informed the waiter. I understand ordering lamb chops medium rare is in itself rare but the waiter without hesitation went to the back, took a skewer of lamb chops off the flame early, brought it out to us and cut us two pieces off before returning it to the flame to continue cooking. This was above and beyond what dining patrons come to expect. The service gets an A+.

Price/Quality – The cost of Fogo De Chao for dinner is roughly $50 a person and we also ordered a bottle of wine for $35. Out total bill was around $150 for two diners. This is somewhat above average for a Brazilian Steakhouse but the food and service here far exceeds other churrascarias. For that they can get away with charging more and the price certainly does not keep me from returning again. Price/Quality – B+

Uniqueness – Like I always say, if a restaurant does not offer me something unique, I will not return. However, the food here is what sets Fogo De Chao apart from other restaurants. It was far superior to any other meat dinner or Brazilian Steakhouse I have visited. I will return if for no other reason than to taste the superior cuts of meat I received at Fogo De Chao. Uniqueness gets a B.

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