Gryo Bros


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Food – B
Ambiance – B-
Service – A
Price/Quality – B+
Uniqueness – C

As good as the food was, the people working here was better. Two people were behind the counter. Both were some of the friendliest people I have ever met.They were genuine people who went beyond just being genuine. Their caring attitude ensures that you get great service, because they genuinely care about how your meal is and how your experience is.

The food itself is pretty simple but delicious. The lamb on my gyro was pretty tender and juicy. A large part of the pita was filled with lettuce, tomato and onion but all of those tasted like they just came from the farmers market. It was fresh and added to the gyro even though I would have liked to seen just a little bit less of those. What made it really good was the homemade tzatziki sauce. It was different than I had ever had before. It was in the middle of how well I liked it compared to other sauces but was quite distinct and tasty as well.
Overall it might not become a favorite place, but I definitely would come by here for a quick and cheap lunch if I was in the area. The food is good and the friendly staff makes me want to return.

Rosa Mexicano


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Food – A+
Ambiance – A
Service – B-
Price.Quality B+
Uniqueness – B+

This is some of the best Mexican food I have ever eaten. I am a big fan of Mexican food and I have had some of the highest rated restaurants, highest priced, and most hole in the wall places you have ever seen. Overall, this place might just be one of my all time favorites.

Our meal started with some guacamole. It was hand made right at the table for us in a molcajete that they left at the table. All fresh ingredients were added by a very skillful person. For an entree we got the tres enchiladas and a grilled shrimp entree. The Enchiladas were perfect. Even on a packed Saturday night, I could tell the kitchen took care to prepare and plate my dish. It was so colorful and bright. Anyways, my first enchilada of braised beef was perfect. It had a spicy mole sauce and the juiciest beef in it. It also included a cheese enchilada with tomato sauce and a chicken one with a cream tomato sauce. Both were perfect as well. The shrimp entree had so many elements that I was surprised that all of them came together perfectly. The shrimp, rice, tomatoes, onions, chilis and more gave a lot of depth to the dish, but the garlic vinaigrette tied it all together as did the spicy chili mixed into each component. All in all, this was a phenomenal meal where we cannot wait to go back and try it again.



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Food – C
Ambiance – B
Service – B-
Price/Quality – C+
Uniqueness – C-

With near perfect ratings on the internet, I truly thought I’d fall in love with this place. The menu looked great, especially the ability to make your own bento box and bibimbap. I, not feeling too adventurous, just went with a traditional bibimbap.

There was good and bad to my meal. The good is that all the ingredients seemed fresh, was cooked perfectly and tasted good. What did not taste good was the hot sauce it was served in. Honestly, I thought it was truly disgusting. It just tasted like watered down processed hot sauce. If I hadn’t poured it over my food before I started, I probably would have enjoyed it. It might could have been recovered but my meal didn’t start out well either. The soup I was served was just barely flavored water with two small bits of tofu. It wasn’t good, but I didn’t get a chance to eat it as my meal came less than 2 minutes after my soup arrived. It really bugs me when entrees come right on top on the first course. 
While the ingredients may have been good, the small things here and there that troubled me gave me enough reasons not to return. 

Uncle Julio’s – Brookwood hills


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Food – F
Ambiance – B-
Service – C-
Price/Quality – F
Uniqueness – D

This was just an awful experience from start to finish. We had a larger group so we understand it may take a few minutes to setup some tables for us. It took so exceptionally long though. It took almost 45 minutes before they sat us in a restaurant that never got much more than 50% at capacity. The hostess kept sitting tables where she was supposed to keep them clear so we could slide some together. Our group gets along well so we hung out and enjoyed talking so we could have overlooked this slight.

Once we sat down, we ordered food. We thought it might take a little longer for our group of 11 so we went with a couple of cheese dips first. We made a special request on one of the cheese dips which we were told could not be fulfilled because it was already made. Ok, still no big deal so we got it anyways. Well, the cheese came and it was yellow. It looked like melted Velveeta and tasted rather funk. We asked about the typical white melted cheese dip you get at every other restaurant in America and were told that #1 that’s their only cheese dip and #2 it’s like every other cheese dip out there. No, no it isn’t. Even if it was why would you not have confidence that your food is better! Anyways, we were right and food took forever, even longer than we thought, and when it arrived we were just as disappointed. The meal was flat. Not much flavor to anything and nothing stood out. Everything seemed to be of low quality and the meal just wasn’t very good. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria


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Food – B+
Ambiance – B-
Service – A-
Price/Quality – A+
Uniqueness – A-

These are the biggest pieces of pizza I have ever seen in my life. They advertise it as slices as big as your head, but I think they are larger than that! I once ordered an entire pizza for my office and had difficulty fitting it into my car. Anyways, all of this sounded gimmicky to me, but I really enjoy the pizza here.

Their lunch special is a slice with two toppings and a drink for $5. That’s an amazing deal considering one slice is at least the size of 2 regular ones. The pizza is more New York style. It’s thin but an evenly cooked dough with quality toppings. I enjoy it.
The place itself is small. The dining room is a long narrow hallway with some booths and tables. The counter you order at is around the corner. Everyone I have met there is super friendly and gives great service. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a quick lunch and a good slice of pizza on the cheap.

Chastain Tavern

Chastain Tavern on Urbanspoon

Food – B-
Ambiance – B+
Service – B+
Price/Quality – B-
Uniqueness – B-
I had made my way here the first week that they opened. I had planned on making a return visit, but just never had the chance. They had apparently gotten slammed the night before and ran out of a good amount of food, including many items we wanted to try. As a new restaurant it takes a while to get your inventory stream down, especially when you have unexpected high volume. Anyways, this wasn’t too unexpected, but they handled it very well. The owner of the place came to our table, chatted with us a few minutes, apologized, and gave us a card for several free dishes on our next visit. That was very generous and we really appreciated that. It’s great to see owners that really care.
Anyways, we did try several dishes including the mussels, chili rubbed shrimp skewers, ahi tuna tartare, and grilled cuban bread and pesto. My impression overall is that everything tastes good, but nothing is over complicated or wowing. I feel like I could recreate most of these dishes with the same success at home. However, they were all a bit different than anything I had before. So, while this place may not become a favorite of mine, I definitely admire them and would love to come back one day.

1920 Tavern


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Food – A-
Ambaince – A-
Service – A+
Price/Quality – B+
Uniqueness – B+
I have been here twice and really enjoyed what I had both times. The menu itself is heavily focused on seafood which sets itself apart from most of the other great restaurants on Canton St. It’s also a beautiful restaurant that they have completely transformed since they took it over from Inc. Street Food. In addition, the servers are some of the best I have had and management seems to have a tight grasp on how to run the restaurant.
I was told that the daily fresh catch and the shrimp and grits were by far the two most popular items on the menu. So, the fresh catch simply means that they bring in fresh fish every day. You have an option of 8 different fish which can be prepared 4 different ways which will also determine the sides you receive. I chose the fire grilled which came with garlic spinach, herb roasted potatoes, and lemon beurre blanc. It was excellent and I can say that you cannot go wrong with that one. The shrimp and grits were among some of the best I have ever had. It came with some mixed chilis, bbq and bacon mixed in.The sauce from sautéing those was pure over top and just added so much depth of flavor. That is why it ranks as among some of the best I have ever had.
My last note is that I will say the portions will leave you satisfied but never full. They are not bad portions and I would still gladly go back and pay the price, however, I think they don’t give as much food as similar restaurants at that price point. It’s still good and I will happily be back.



Cosmolava Club & Lounge

This is a fun hangout on the weekends. I usually avoid these places anymore because they tend to get over crowded and attract the young kids. The same isn’t true for this place. They have so many different rooms and dance floors that I have never seen it over crowded. There is a good crowd but always rooms where you have space to hang out or dance depending on your preference. Each room is slightly different as well, so it has something to fit your vibe. Even between the rooms, they have couches and chairs to hang out on and chat in case you meet someone or just want some air.
I have never had a problem with the drinks. Even on a packed night you can get service relatively quickly and the bartenders don’t seem to play favorites. All the drinks have been mixed well. The prices are slightly above average but not outrageous.
They do take themselves pretty seriously as they do enforce a dress code. While some of the rules may seem overboard I think it has brought around a better crowd. I enjoy this place and would enjoy visiting many times again for a fun night.

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AMC Fork & Screen

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Food – D
Ambaince – C-
Service – F
Price/Quality – D
Uniqueness – D
I had so many problems with this place, I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, I assume their maintenance guy was fired or sick because everything was broken including our chairs. The chairs themselves are not comfortable. They are like an offie chair and every other dinner and movie business I have been in has seats that are more like recliners. Anyways, not a huge deal. What turned out to be a big deal is that our button that summons the server was broken. The movie had started before we were able to flag someone down. They knew it was broken and still we had to go get someone every time we needed something.
Anyways, we finally ordered and got three appetizers, none of which we enjoyed. The vegetables were about to expire, the dip and humus were rather bland and plain, and the fried food we ordered tasted like Tyson Anytizers reheated.
I don’t want to go on a huge hate rant about all the reasons I disliked this place. However, I can say that given the outdated theatre, unhelpful staff, uncomfortable seating and all the broken equipment, I wouldn’t return.