Moxie Burger – Roswell


Food – A+
Ambaince – B+
Service – A+
Price/Quality – A-
Uniqueness – A

Moxie Burger on Urbanspoon

I’m not even sure I can tell you how much I loved this place. Everything was beyond phenomenal. I had been on a long string of restaurant visits where everything was just ok at best and really left more disappointed than fulfilled. I was really craving a good and unique experience. I found that here.

First let me say the burger was perfect. Lucky’s there in Roswell is my normal go to spot. However, I heard this place opened and figured I’d give it a try. I am so glad I did. I got the heater burger and ordered it medium. To my surprise it was cooked medium all the way through. The patty wasn’t charred on the outside and kept it’s full integrity. The bun and extra ingredients were all 100% fresh and top quality. The bread wasn’t a cheap bun at all and it really showed. The burger was just perfect.

The space was nice. Decorated minimally but perfectly. Everyone that worked there was not your normal min wage restaurant worker. These people were very professional and higher class people who really cared about your experience and was on top of everything. My meal was below $10 which is more than I can say for my Farm Burger and Yeah Burger trips which still fall below Moxie’s burger. All in all this is my new favorite burger spot.


Takorea – Dunwoody


Food – A-
Ambiance – B
Service – F
Price/Quality – B
Uniquensss – B-

Takorea on Urbanspoon

I live right across the road from Takorea. Once I saw construction there, I couldn’t want to try it on opening day. Well, I failed at that mission and only got to stop by about a month after they opened.

I went very simple here and got a pork, beef, and chicken tako. I really enjoyed each of them. Everything was pretty simply prepared with the meat and taco shell, then just a slight bit of lettuce on there too. The flavors weren’t as robust as you normally find with Korean tacos, but don’t mistake that for there being no flavor. It was subtle but delicious.

On my next visit I want to try the Bipim-Bop bowl. This is what I wanted to get in the first place, but seeing as how the name of my blog has tacos in it, I didn’t want to cause any out cry by going to a taco place and not getting tacos. I did see several people with that bowl though and it just looked so good I was almost determined to come back for dinner just for that.

However, I have not returned for dinner or for that amazing bowl despite enjoying the food, because I found the service sucked. It’s hard to say that about a place with really no service. I mean you do order at the counter here and still I came away disappointed by the poor attitudes. It started with me not knowing if it was table service or not. So when I asked the person behind the bar if I could take a seat anywhere he said, “NO, you order RIGHT here,” in one of the snarkiest tones I have heard in a long time. I was a little taken back and then slightly angry seeing that there are no signs on where to order and the POS sits below the counter so you can’t see it unless you are right on top of the bar. Then, when I had almost finished my meal, I was unsure whether I was to clean my own plates up or just leave them. Seeing the same guy walk by I asked, “Do I just leave my stuff here or do I take it somewhere?” This guy gave a brief glance over to me, turned his head back around away from me and then nodded. I thought he had just given me the yes sign even though I didn’t ask a yes or no question so with his backed turned to me I walked up and asked again to which he replied in an annoyed attitude, “YES….I will take care of it.” I really couldn’t wait to get out of the restaurant after that.


El Ponce


Food – C+
Ambiance – B-
Service – A-
Price/Quality – C+
Uniquensss – D

El Ponce Mexican Restaurant and Cantina on Urbanspoon

I needed a quick lunch so I swung into here. I was drawn in by their lunch specials which were around $6. That’s an amazing price even if it’s only half way edible. I had hopes it would be tasty as well though. Once I got my food and tasted it I could say it really isn’t that bad. However, it does embody what you think of cheap Mexican food.

My order was the speedy Gonzalez which consisted of a beef taco, beef enchilada, and rice. Rice was very dry. The beef taco wasn’t bad although 50% of it was lettuce and the beef enchilada was fine, but nothing exceptional about it. The food here is nothing you are ever going to crave or tell others about, but if you are in the area and want a cheap Mexican meal, then El Ponce can deliver that.

On one side note, the servers were all very friendly, fast and attentive. You can get in and out as fast as you want to while still feeling like your business was appreciated.


Knotty Pretzels “The Official Pretzel of Beer”

I was hoping to write a more detailed post about this. However, I am running short on time with a new job and Thanksgiving upon us, but I wanted to let everyone know before I left for the Holidays.

I rarely do this but I wanted to make all my readers aware of a new product by two local Atlanta guys that is taking off and for good reason. Knotty Pretzls. Now anyone that knows me knows that I am not a huge snacker and if I do pick a snack, pretzels would be one of my last choices. Those that do know me also know that I am a huge lover of beer. So when I saw “The Official Pretzel of Beer,” I wanted to try it.

Let me tell you why I don’t like Pretzels. They are very dry and you have to drink like a camel to get them down, and even if the initial taste is good, that dry and bland after taste is just awful. I can never get it out of my mouth. None of this was a problem with Knotty Pretzels. These really weren’t dry at all. The after taste wasn’t a problem either because when I tried both flavors (Zesty Italian & Buffalo) they were delicious and the seasoning flavored lingered which I loved. It went beyond just being an acceptable snack to me and becoming one of my favorites. My girlfriend and I actually took an unopened bag with us to snack on for a weekend getaway. That plan was blown when we finished the whole bag before even arriving to our destination. We also joked that we should have went on a beer tasting weekend and brought the pretzels instead of the wine tasting weekend we went on where we had packed a cooler of cheese to pair with it.

I think these guys have a really great product and I wish them all the luck. I also know that they have a kickstarter to expand their business with some really good rewards attached. If you want some cool swag from a growing business with a great product, check out their page and throw them a couple of bucks.

My Favorite Take-out

As much as I love dining out, I love cooking even more. However, with a new job, new girlfriend, and my normal busy schedule of sports leagues that I continue every night, I haven’t had much time to cook. So, I have discovered the wonderful world of take-out and especially food delivery apps. This led me to discover three fantastic new restaurants.

Hong Kong Star Chinese

Hong Kong Star Chinese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Food: A

I got curry chicken and jalapeno pepper diced chicken. There were so many things that impressed me about this place. First of all, food delivery normally takes 45 min to an hour. I got this in 30 minutes. Second, I noticed they used all fresh ingredients. Chicken wasn’t some frozen and thin junk you find with normal Chinese restaurants. My dish was the jalapeno chicken and the jalapenos were crisp and fresh with hotness. The flavors here were very bold. It wasn’t just heated food with factory made sauce poured over it. This was all cooked to order and you can definitely tell the difference. This may be my favorite Chinese take-out place now.
Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass Thai on Urbanspoon
Food: A-

I would say this is the best curry in Atlanta. Everything else just fine. I had some coconut soup and the main come with rice and chicken. Everything was cooked right and tasted fine but what made it an outstanding meal was the curry. It wasn’t overly bold with flavor, but what flavor they did put in it made it so delicious, I wish I had gotten two orders. You should definitely come here for a great tasting meal.


Baldinos Giant Jersey Subs on Urbanspoon
Food: A-
My mistake was thinking the subs were going to be similar to Subway. I normally get a footlong at subway so I ordered a 13” sub here. My mistake as I almost had to ask for help to carry that thing out the door. It was huge! The good thing is that it tasted amazing too. The bread was extremely soft which I personally love. All the ingredients were top notch as well. What really impressed me was that it was put together perfectly. Ingredients were very even throughout and packed in a way that the sandwich held together with every bite. It was great and definitely on my regular list of lunch places now.

Marietta Diner


Food – B-
Ambiance – C
Service – B
Price/Quality – B-
Uniqueness – B-

Marietta Diner on Urbanspoon

I understand why they are open 24 hours. It’s because it would take you that long to read the menu. It’s incredibly massive. I couldn’t possibly imagine even trying to read every item on the menu. You’d be there for a very very long time. Maybe some people like over 300 items to choose from but as for me it was an incredible turn off. Give me a dozen varied options and I’m as happy as can be.

The amount of food you get here too is just very overwhelming as well. I don’t think I saw a single person leave the restaurant without a to go box. They could probably save hundreds of thousands if they just gave normal portions instead of piling it all on. In addition to each entrée being massive, you also get served an entire loaf of bread and spinach baklava before your meal even arrives.

I enjoyed the food here. I’d say it edges out most diners. However, overall I just felt like the entire experience is just gimmicky. The bright lights, ungodly portions, and overwhelming menu was just off putting to me. All that being said, I most likely won’t be back here for dinner. However, if I found myself drunk at 3:00 am looking for a Waffle House alternative, you would find me back here.


Cypress Street Pint & Plate


Food – B-
Ambiance – B
Service – D
Price/Quality – B
Uniqueness – C+

Cypress Street Pint & Plate on Urbanspoon

So, after a concert in Midtown, my date and I was looking for a place to grab a night cap and perhaps a snack as well. This seemed like a great spot. They had a large and pretty outdoor patio we sat at. It was ridiculously crowded. The tables were so close together that my chair was touching the persons behind me and the people sat another group at the table we had. So, it ended up being more like a communal night cap place.

We had arrived here pretty late so all we got was the late night menu. We decided to order some fried truffle mushrooms, black bean hummus, and the bbq egg rolls. They were out of the egg rolls so we just got the other two. The hummus was pretty good and was a nice healthy option among the large list of fried items. The truffle mushrooms were good too, but they gave us such a huge pile. We probably needed at least two more people to finish those. I felt bad leaving over half the basket there.

Overall I thought everything was just meh. I enjoyed my time there but nothing from the space to the food impressed me. The only really negative thing was the service. Our server was kind of a jerk if you could say he had any emotion at all. Also, he would disappear for long periods of time. It took us over 30 minutes to get out of there once we decided to get our check and leave.


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