Slope’s BBQ – Roswell


Food – It was fine. There was nothing too special about the food here. The meant was tender and juicy. It came unseasoned on a cheap bun. I got baked beans with it too. They were fine as well. Nothing too exciting about them but tasted fine. I really don’t have a lot to say about the food. It was just average. Food gets a B-

Ambiance – The look of the restaurant was fitting. Had the old country feel to it. Hard wood all around and the red checkered table cloth. However, there is more to ambiance than just looks. The type of people that visit a place has a lot to do with it too and I lowered the average age in there by a good 20 years. I would say there was one guy in his 50’s there. The other 12 people all had to be in their 70’s. So as a 27 year old guy, I felt horribly out of place and uncomfortable. If 99% of your clientele is less than a decade from passing away, your business is doomed. Also, if the only people that come into your restaurant is a very niche crowd, your place isn’t very great. Ambiance gets a D

Service – I don’t think the people here have ever really worked in a restaurant in their life. They were friendly, don’t get me wrong. They just lacked certain skills. First of all they were all in their 60’s. They were extremely slow. All orders were taken by hand as well which in the hands of these ladies, worried me. Everything got out fine but overall they were just….so…slow. Service gets a D

Price/Quality – Now this was the part I could get behind. $3.50 for a pork sandwich was good! Another $1.50 for baked beans and $1.75 for a drink. So $7 for lunch. Not too bad. I would say it is an adequate price for what you got. For BBQ that is good then you can’t expect a much better price than that. Price/Quality gets a B+

Uniqueness – Not many BBQ places as cheap as this and even among the ones that are, I don’t think I like the food I get there. Now while I didn’t love the food here, it was still good. That is about the only unique factor it has as all the other things simply were bad marks against this place. Uniqueness gets a B-

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Super Mercado Jalisco – Roswell



Food – I decided to keep it simple and just get a burrito. It was really rather dry. It only contained the beef and some rice. The rice was pretty dry itself and so was the beef. That was about all there was to it, and it was just hard to get down without gulping water each bite. It also came with chips and some lettuce, onion and tomatoes on the side. The chips were stale and nothing special about the lettuce onion and tomatoes. They were just raw and put on the plate. It was fine to put food in my stomach but nothing really enjoyable about it. Food gets a C-


Ambiance – So if you aren’t familiar with the name of this place then you should know it is primarily a grocery store. On the side of the store is this small kitchen that serves food with a few tables to sit at. So basically it’s a cheap quick place to grab food. There really isn’t any ambiance. Ambiance gets a C+


Service – So like I mentioned it’s a grocery store. However, you should know it’s a Mexican grocery store, and I quickly found out that my inability to speak Spanish meant a difficult time trying to order. Thank God she understood burrito after the third time I said it. She was confused, I was confused. It was a mess. Also, I sat down and waited on my food for over  10 minutes. I saw some sitting on the counter and went up and tried to ask if it was mine. It was….I am guessing by the way she shoved the bag towards me. Service gets a D


Price/Quality – It was $7 for a burrito. Not terrible but considering I didn’t love the burrito, I’d much rather choose Moe’s or Chiplote if I was craving the same thing again. Not a terrible price, just not good enough to come back. Price/quality gets a B-


Uniqueness – I saw several things on the menu I haven’t ever seen before. Not saying they aren’t out there but just aren’t at the typical Mexican restaurants. I’d say this place had items more towards authentic Mexican but the quality just fell short. Anything that I personally look for in a restaurant is all better at the 10 Mexican restaurants on the same street.  Uniqueness gets a D

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Cafe Jonah



Food – I came here for Sunday brunch. I wasn’t sure what to expect ,as I always thought this was just a coffee shop. I was very wrong. Their Sunday brunch had one of the largest selections and best quality food I have ever had. Everything was made in house, mostly organic, and top quality. I don’t even remember everything that was available, but what I liked most was the salmon, chicken salad, and the beef which I can’t remember exactly what kind it was. I would say they probably had over 15 dishes to choose from not including bread and the dessert that was offered too. There was no wondering or guessing about how fresh the food was and how high quality the ingredients they used were. It was an absolutely phenomenal meal that blew me away. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – I wouldn’t expect this place to be in Buckhead. It’s a small quaint little house on a side street, not far from all the Bukchead bars. What a way to mix it up here. It has a slight rustic and antique feel to the place. However, I didn’t feel it was outdated. I felt it was just right. While this was my impression of the inside, we were forced to sit on the back porch. It did not look like it had been taken care of the same as the inside. A deck that badly needed stained or refinished. Small uncomfortable tables. Plants that needed tending to and so so soooo many ants everywhere. I really couldn’t stay that long because of where we were seated. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – Every person I encountered was super friendly and personable. I was met by a really nice lady as soon as I stepped inside. That was nice because they don’t have a hostess stand. It just isn’t setup like a typical restaurant but they are on top of service. A very friendly lady made frequent rounds to our table to ensure we were enjoying ourselves and had everything we needed. Same thing can be said for the attitude of the guy that checked us out. Friendly and asked about our experience. Service gets an A


Price/Quality – So I heard rumors that on a typical Sunday you name your own price. However, we went on Fathers Day and they had a set price of $25 per person. Now, at other nice restaurants for a special occasion buffet you are going to pay $40+ and the food isn’t going to be any better than here. So $25 for an amazing meal that is all you can eat is such a phenomenal price. Price/Quality gets and A-


Uniqueness – This place is very unique. This ambiance is something you won’t find in any other place in Buckhead. The meal is something I have never had before. That quality was incredible and for the price no other place can touch it. It is a very unique experience that everyone should try. Uniqueness gets an A


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*Pictures shamelessly stolen online. I was on a date and didn’t want to look silly.

Joe’s New York Pizzeria – Alpharetta



Food – I thought the pizza was really delicious. The dough really made it though. It was absolutely perfect. I think this is the only slice I have ever eaten that I can say that. Not only was it cooked perfect without even a slight hint of moving towards burnt or staying “doughy”, but the texture was perfect as well. Not too flimsy and not too crisp. Just perfect. Quality toppings and a slice that wasn’t greasy (my biggest complaint about pizza) made it a great meal. Food gets an A+


Ambiance – I really didn’t expect it to be so nice inside. Everything is brand new. It looks like they just finished the restaurant yesterday. They went all out with the bar, floor, tables, etc. It’s just a small joint in the end of a small strip mall but they did a perfect job with the place here. Ambiance gets an A


Service – I sat at the bar and the two ladies serving us were just very friendly and personable. They were just all smiles, happy, and pleasant to talk to. You don’t get that a lot from people in the service industry or at most a fake pleasantry. I understand why, but it was nice to get two people that were on top of their job and really personable as well. It was great. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – Two slices of pizza and a drink is $5.99. That’s an amazing lunch special especially considering how good they were. I’d say that is a little better than average for two slices of pizza and just makes it all the better when you factor in the quality. Price/Quality gets an A


Uniqueness – Nothing truly unique about this place, but everything they do is above average. When you factor in every single thing about this place is better than the shop down the street, that makes them unique. I have 0 complaints and for how well everything is done, I will be back here many times for my tasty lunch special. Uniqueness gets a B+

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*Pictures shamelessly stolen offline because I didn’t take my own

Sabor do Brazil



Food – You could call this place a poor man’s Brazilian steakhouse.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but don’t expect the same as Fogo De Chao. You don’t go to McDonalds expecting the same as Grindhouse. So it is here. There is an all you can eat buffet of rice and beans and the like. Then at the very end there is guy with all the meat. You choose your meat, he plates it, weighs it and charges you per pound. It’s all the same meat as other places: picante, sirlon, sausages, chicken, and other offerings. It’s not the greatest cut of meat but it’s very tasty. Food gets a B+


Ambiance – It’s a small little slightly outdated shop in the middle of a shopping center. It’s fine in there. Comfortable and clean but not much beyond that.  Ambiance gets a B-


Service – It’s like a buffet line you go down to get your sides and then there is the meat man at the end! He was very accommodating in trying to get you the exact cut and temperature you desire. However, their selection can be limited. They also had one girl that would walk around and make sure everyone was set. I don’t mean to talk bad about anyone but she was slightly weird in an overly friendly, you shouldn’t be talking about some of that stuff with strangers, type of way. I don’t have really any complaints about service though. Service gets a C+


Price/Quality – So the buffet was $7 but then you have to pay $2.99 per pound of meat on top of that. I had about one pound so my price was about $10. For unlimited sides and a pound of tasty meat, $10 is a great deal. It’s probably the one reason I will return. Price/Quality gets an A-


Uniqueness – Lets go ahead and just call this a Brazilian steakhouse. So among all Brazilian steakhouses I know, it’s going to set you back $40-$60 per person. So for $10 to eat at a Brazilian Steakhouse….well I don’t know anywhere else you can get that deal. Uniqueness gets an A

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*Pictures shamelessly stolen offline because I didn’t take my own

Pure Taqueria – Roswell



Food – I actually didn’t enjoy my meal here. I thought I would. Everyone seems to like it, but I didn’t like what I ate. I got the Puerco al Pastor which is marinated & sauteed pork, pineapple, chihuahua cheese, onion, cilantro, chile de arbol salsa. It just tasted bland. There really wasn’t a lot of flavor to anything and the corn tortilla didn’t taste right to me either. It was just….off. The pork was just pork and all those other accompaniments were so light on the taco that you really couldn’t taste them all that much. It just didn’t taste good at all. Food gets a D


Ambiance – It’s slightly small with a slight retro (think like 70’s hippie) theme going on. They do have a really awesome rooftop patio and bar though. It’s really nice and fun to hang out on if you can find space up there. It can be a fun hangout spot or a casual lunch experience. Ambiance gets a B+


Service – I found that all the people that worked there were really nice and personable. I was meeting a group and couldn’t find them. So, the staff bent over backwards to help me and see if I was at the right location. Even when I decided I was and no one was there yet, they sat and talked to me for a while. Once we got to the table, our server was slightly slow, but still accomplished everything. We were in no hurry so it wasn’t a big deal but there were some long lapses where we didn’t see her. Service gets a B-


Price/Quality – Tacos were $9.50 and with a drink it brought it to around $12 with tax. A bit expensive for two tacos which were small and tasteless. Taqueria Del Sol, Hankook Taqueria, Verde Taqueria and all the other quality taco places don’t charge that much for 2 tacos. Why would Pure? They are smaller and like I said just had no taste. Even if they were good it’s not a good deal at that price. Price/Quality gets an F


Uniqueness – It is a cool place to hangout. The rooftop bar is unique and the items on the menu are unreplicated. If they could execute those well I’d go back all the time but I didn’t like it. Nothing about the food sets it apart and I don’t think I will come back just for a nice patio. Uniqueness gets a D

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Top Golf – Alpharetta



Food – Even though TopGolf is a chain of driving ranges, they have a full service restaurant where they locally sources most of their vendors. It shows in the quality of the food. Everything is delicious here. Drinks, wings, burgers, quesadillas, nachos, fries and wraps. I have had it all and loved it all. A real testament to the quality of the food they have here is that there are plenty of people who come just to eat and never set foot in the bay area for golf. They really come just for the great food. I don’t think I could come here and not eat. I love it! Food gets an A+


Ambiance – The bar/restaurant part alone is beautiful. It’s a very modern type of bar with a great scene. They also have a large lounge area upstairs and another huge outdoor bar. You can also get a bay and hit golf balls and those have tv’s, lounge areas or high bar tables, and fans as well. Pretty much any type of fun/cool ambiance you are looking for, this place has a choice for you. Ambiance gets an A+


Service – The service here is just amazing. The moment you walk in the door you are greeted. The employees don’t leave your side until they have guided you to which part you want to go. You will be greeted promptly and service will be fast. Part of the reason it is fast is because everyone helps each other out. You may see 5 different people during your time here. If someone walks by a table and sees an empty dish they take it out of your way. Empty glass? They will get you another drink. It’s truly great service. Service gets an A+


Price/quality – The prices matches the quality of the food about as much as you’d expect. $10 for cocktails, $8 for appetizers, $10 for burgers, etc. It’s all good prices that I have no complaints about. No incredible deals but I don’t think anyone would ever complain about the bill at the end of the day. Price/Quality gets a B+


Uniqueness – A driving range like this one is unsurpassed. Even when you take the golf out of this place, it’s truly unique for the food and service alone. I loved it and come here as often as I can and can assure there is no place in all of Georgia like this one. Uniqueness gets an A+


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