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Food – I think my expectations were probably a little too high. The last brunch I had was at canoe after all. I was ready for another amazing brunch. What I got was a good brunch but not so much an amazing one. The menu looked incredible, but I got talked into doing the buffet by the person I was with. I wish I hadn’t. I feel like they sacrificed some quality to get out quantity. Most things were good. French Toast was incredible but some things like the eggs were just below par. The eggs almost seemed cafeteria quality. You just had to stick with the right things like the curried chicken salad which was divine. Overall it was fine but if I come back I would stick with the menu next time. Food gets a B-


Ambiance – It was truly a beautiful restaurant. There is the inside which is very nice but then there is the back porch which just has beautiful landscaping outside of it with large glass…well….I’d hardly say windows because it was more like glass walls. It was just so open and gorgeous that I know anyone would love it. Ambiance gets an A


Service – We had a very friendly and attentive server. The hostesses were all smiles and helpful as well. We did feel welcome. One comment on it would be about the kitchen staff. The kitchen is open so you can watch them prepare your meal. While I enjoy this, the staff has to be conscious that everyone in the restaurant can hear them talking. Nothing bad was said but they seemed in their own little world, shouting stories to one another as they cooked. They were quite load and while slightly distracting; it wasn’t a huge deal to me. Service gets a B


Price/Quality - $18 for an all you can eat buffet with plenty of good offerings is a great deal. There were some things on the buffet I wish I had avoided but with enough trips I certainly got my money’s worth. While I might not pay that again for the buffet, I certainly have no complaints about what I received here for the price. Price/Quality gets a B


Uniqueness – Everything they do here is just ever so slightly above average. Food was good, not amazing but above average. I wasn’t snapping tons of pics of the ambiance, but it was pretty and service was above average too. Everything was done well here and puts them above a lot of other places. It stood out enough that if I was in the area, I would consider coming here over a few other restaurants in Decatur, but at the same time there are a good handful of restaurants I’d pick over this one. Uniqueness gets a B-

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Da Vinci’s Donuts



Food – I got a sample box of 8 doughnuts. They were good, and I am sure you will like them. However, you have to understand the concept here before you bite into the first one. The doughnuts are small so yocan try several different ones. The batter has no spices mixed in so that the customer flavors stand out. The different flavors are made from the icing and toppings placed on the donut. This place is really just a chance to try some new and different donut flavors. They aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here by giving you some donut monstrosity or outdo other donut shops. They are trying to give you something unique and I think they do well at that. Food gets a B+


Ambiance – It’s a typical donut shop in the middle of a small shopping center. Everything is new and very nice. They have cool little chalk boards the menu is written on and a nice place where they display all their donuts. If you can take the girly overtones out of this statement then I can say…It’s like a little adventure. I think most people get some to go, but if you want to grab some coffee and a donut and sit down, there are some tables in there too. I could see myself stopping in the morning and hanging for a few. Ambiance gets a B+


Service – The two nicest people on the whole planet work in this shop. I’m pretty sure it was the owners and you could just see the pride beaming from them. They put love in every donut they make and they are just full of joy when they get a customer coming in to try their creations. I love that. I love going into a place where someone is so happy to have me as a customer. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. Great service is one thing, having your patronage really appreciated is an entire other thing. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality – I got a box of 8 for a little over $9. That’s really a good price for 8 unique, delicious and hand crafted donuts. Keep in mind these are smaller than what you think of a typical donut is but still when other shops are charging me $2-$3 for a donut, this place is a great deal. If I wasn’t such a health nut, I might frequent this place more for my morning pastry. Price/Quality gets a B+


Uniqueness – The donuts here are very unique. I don’t think you will find the style replicated many other places. I at least have not in all my donut eating days. I also can say that being appreciated for my business like I was here has never happened anywhere else. It’s a truly unique spot that I will visit many more times. Uniqueness gets an A


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Lucky’s Burger & Brew – Brookhaven



Food – Having visited both locations, I can say the burgers here are behind the ones in Roswell. I still enjoyed a good burger, it was just a slight disappointment to what I had at the other location. Here I ordered the Blue tick Hound which had bacon and bleu cheese on it along with some sweet potato fries. The fries were excellent. They were very tasty and the sauce they brought with them put it over the top. The burger was fine too but the patty was just a little dry and not seasoned with hardly anything. I liked the meal though. Food gets a B


Ambiance – Slighlty small but still nice. It’s new so everything is clean and looks good. We sat outside on the patio. It was comfortable, with a few hanging lights and fans to keep cool. I do like that the bar is nice and long to accommodate a large portion of people. Overall it’s a comfortable atmosphere and a relaxed atmosphere. Ambiance gets a B


Service – The service was good. The guy was very friendly although the people I was with were being difficult. We totally monopolized his time, but he still put a smile on all throughout and was very helpful and attentive. We were hanging around drinking a few and then it came time for the restaurant to close. I tried to get my friends to go but they refused. The manager was so so so nice. He told us to stay as long as we wanted and even let all the other servers go while he stayed and took care of us. An hour after they closed, I finally stood up and demanded my friends leave. They had put up all the chairs around us and cleaned up everywhere and one of my “friends” made a slight rude comment as we left about being forced out and taking the hint to leave when they were putting up chairs around us. I was furious but the manager was very nice even at the last second when we left. I fully appreciate this more than he knows and I do apologize to Lucky’s for the people I was with. Service gets an A+


Price/Quality - $12 for a burger and fries isn’t too bad if the quality is good. While it wasn’t as good as Roswell, it was still very enjoyable. If I was in the area, I’d be back and pay that. I will tell you what a great deal is and that is $.50 wing night every Thursday. That is high on my list to come back for. However, for what I had, the price was justified. Price/Quality gets a B-


Uniqueness – Specialty burger places are a dime a dozen, but Lucky’s does it better than most. I wouldn’t say it’s the best burger I’ve had but it’s a good one. They have a very nice beer selection too. It’s just the myriad of offerings of food and beverage and the high quality of them that makes this place a destination. Not a favorite hangout but an occasional destination nonetheless. Uniqueness gets a B

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Painted Pin



Food – We got hummus and fish and pork tacos. The hummus was fine. It was a bit oily when it arrived. After mixing it, it made a nice consistency but overall was just average. The tacos came and was wrapped in a  corn tortilla. Now, normally I really don’t like corn tortillas, but I did like these tacos. The pork was quite sweet but in a good way. The fish taco, while slightly dry was tasty overall. I wouldn’t ever come here for the food but it was fine enough that on my next visit I would still probably order something. Food gets a C+


Ambiance – Now this is why you come here. It’s a very upscale bowling alley which also has bocce ball, shuffle board, and one or two arcade games. We came for the bowling and had a blast. It’s a full service bowling alley so you are assigned a lane with plush leather couches to hang out on. Now I will say that if you don’t like the upscale, classy, slightly pretentious Buckhead crowd, you will hate this place. It’s a bowling alley with the Buckhead charm added to it, so to speak. I personally love that atmosphere and will be back. Ambiance gets an A


Service – Overall our server was very on point, helpful, and nice. The service we got while we had a lane was top notch, and then something very disappointing happened. We got out food and were only ¼ of the way into it when we finished our last bowling game. We then sat down to finish our drinks and eat. We got about halfway done and our time ran out on the lane. Someone came up to us and made us pick up our plates and move off the lane. I might be able to understand that if there were people waiting but there wasn’t! There were 4 other lanes open too in case anyone came in. Even if we have to move, you could be nice about it instead of saying “you have to buy another hour or move off the lane.” Even when we said we would clear out, no one helped us move all our plates or drinks. At least be courteous about it. Honestly, I would have paid $10 extra bucks to sit there for another 5-10 and finish my food. Overall I felt the way they handled that was rude. It almost makes me not want to come back but overall I had too much fun to stay away for long. Service gets a D


Price/Quality - $88 was the price I paid. I’m not really sure how the price got that high. $35 for the lane, $25 for food and another $15 for drinks. It should have landed around $70. I only think about that now in retrospect and didn’t question it at the time. It’s such a unique place that I would return but not very often at that price. The price for the food isn’t bad either but it’s just ok food. I feel like with tip and everything it was a $60-$70 experience, not $90. Price/Quality gets a C+


Uniqueness – Extremely unique. No place can compare to all the activities and fun here, not even Ormsbys. It’s a guaranteed great time. Everything about the atmosphere and activities there is unreplicated by any other place. I love bowling but it’s hard to plan a date at the myriad of dingy bowling alleys with a not so respectable crowd. This changes that and is a perfect date spot or spot for any occasion. This is why I will be back. Uniqueness gets an A+


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Thai Squared



Food – I had the panang curry with chicken. It came with rice and a spring roll as well. The curry was a bit spicy. I like spicy food. This wasn’t overwhelming spicy, but it certainly had a kick in every bite. It was quite delicious though. The chicken was very tender and the steamed rice was just made it perfect. My only complaint is that they went with beautiful plating over functional plating. The bowl it was served in was just hard to eat a curry with substance out of. I was chasing my food around the bowl and had to work to get a good bite. However, once it did get to my mouth, it was delicious. Food gets a B+


Ambiance – It’s a fast casual place in a shopping center. Everything is brand new there though. Extremely clean and very functional seating that also looks good. I ate on the patio. It was covered and a nice day and I just could have sat there for a long time. Ambiance gets a B


Service – You order at the counter and then sit to have the food brought to you. The guy taking my order was just there. He didn’t say much. I asked two questions and he couldn’t answer either. Even if you are new you should know if any extras come with an entrée and if a drink is included. I was taking a shot in the dark. When my food was brought to me, the lady never said a word either. She just dropped it off on my table and left. I mean nothing too bad happened here but I expect a little better service, even if it is a fast casual place. Service gets a C-


Price/Quality - $8.50 for my entrée and another $1.50 for a drink. I loved the food and really want to go back so I have no complaints about the price. It’s definitely worth it. I really want to come back and try more and will have no complaints about the price. Price/Quality gets a B+


Uniqueness – I think they do a lot of things well here and it’s a cool atmosphere. I think the food is delicious and top notch when it comes to Thai. I love how they did the spiciness. Most times in Thai it’s either uneatable spicy or not at all. I will definitely be back for the fact that this places edges out a lot of other Thai restaurants. Uniqueness gets a B-

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Teriyaki Grill House



Food – It was very delicious. I got the steak hibachi. This looks like a cheap place, but they used real NY Strip steak. They cooked it to a medium rare for me and with the hibachi sauce on it….I could eat that every meal. The vegetables were fine too, but the steak and sauce was the highlight of the dish. I will definitely be back. Food gets an B+


Ambiance – It’s nothing special. Everything is exceptionally clean and tidy, but you aren’t every going to come here for anything but food. Ambiance gets a B-


Service – it’s a nice little family owned restaurant and the workers there will treat you like family as well. They were really nice and personable. You order at the counter so no table service, but for what it is, you won’t complain. They thanked me for coming and asked how it was which I really appreciated. They did everything right. Service gets a B


Price/Quality – My dish was $8.25 and my drink was almost $2. My total was like $12. For real steak cooked great and a whole plate of vegetables that isn’t bad for the main dish. Although, $2 for a soda is way overcharging. They also are on a lot of discount sites so I really only paid $7 with that and they have a rewards program. So, you can get discounts if you want them. Overall, even at full price, I would gladly return for some good Japanese Hibachi on the cheap. Price/Quality gets a B


Uniqueness – A fast food hibachi whose hibachi quality is the same as the sit down restaurants at a price of only $9 is truly unique. How good the steak was also is a bit unheard of. The quality of the meat I find in typical low end Asian restaurants have always been subpar. Not the case here. I would make the trip for lunch here often. Uniqueness gets a B+


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Food – First of all, that menu was freaking huge. Tapas, sushi, entrees…the kitchen sink. Everything you could want was in that book they called a menu. We decided on entrees though. The dishes we ordered were Steamed Sea Bass with Soy-Sherry-Ginger Broth, Spinach & Jasmine Rice and Seared Georges Bank Scallops with Leeks and Beech Mushroom Risotto. Everything was cooked perfectly, but nothing had very much flavor. So, it was a fine meal but nothing too enjoyable to write home about. The scallops were phenomenal however. The mushroom risotto was just risotto rice cooked with chopped mushrooms in them. Seabass was just steamed and put down. The ginger sauce wasn’t even enough to take it into flavor town. It was fine but just not too great. They just need to start throwing some spices into all their dishes. Food gets a C

Ambiance – Very upscale and elegant restaurant. It’s simply beautiful in there. It is quite loud though. They crank the music up so high, it was terribly hard to hear my date and the server talk. We had to talk rather loud and with everyone else doing that too, it was just more of a distraction than a nice added piece. Ambiance gets a B-

Service – Our service was on par. The lady was timely, knowledgeable of the menu, and answered all of our questions. We hardly had to ask for much. Nothing above or beyond but completely adequate without any complaints. Service gets a B+

Price/Quality – Two entrees and two drinks came to around $70. For what we ordered I think it was fair to ask that price, although it’s not a great deal by any means. However, just the fact that the food was only ok and without a lot of flavor took the quality down a few notches. It just wasn’t good enough to rush back for and at $70, there is a lot of alternatives around. Price/Quality gets a C-

Uniqueness – it’s a great location and a great ambiance. Those are unique. Food is fine. Overall I’d say it’s an average place but for the location, elegance, and cool vibe, there are some circumstances where I’d return. Uniqueness gets a B-

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